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Strada Financial Group

financial literacy scholarship

Financial Literacy


Our goal is to light the path of financial literacy. Each year we will award scholarships to the top three applicants who submit the best presentation about ways to help fight financial illiteracy and actions they’ve taken to help others in the community learn more about becoming financially educated.

Application Deadline: June 1st, 2021.


Strada Scholarship


  • High School Senior: Applicant must be a high school senior who is graduating in the Spring/Summer of 2021.
  • Attend one of the Designated High Schools: Applicant must be a current student at Reynolds, Gresham, Corbett, Barlow, Estacada or Centennial High School in Oregon.
  • Complete the Application: The application must be completed by the deadline, June 1st, 2021.
  • Qualified Expenses: Funds must be used for qualified secondary educational expenses. This needs to be a University, College or Trade School.


This scholarship was created to help high school students learn about financial principals and prepare for life after high school. To qualify for the Strada Financial Literacy Scholarship, you must learn about several financial concepts and then demonstrate that you understand the concept by teaching your peers and providing a budget.

*Please note: All requirements (1-5) listed below must be completed to be considered for the scholarship.

  • 1. Financial Topic: Choose a financial topic from at least one of the categories provided. (Topics will be provided in the application and on the info sheet).
  • 2. Teach: You must teach the financial principal in a 3 to 5 minute presentation to your peers. (Present to a class in school, a youth group, or a few friends!)
    -Be creative! You can make a video, a PowerPoint presentation, make up a game, a song, create a poster, infographic...something that would resonate with your peers.
  • 3. Record: Video record the presentation and include a link to the video in the application.
  • 4. College Budget: Create a budget for your first year of College/University/Trade School. This needs to include Income and Expenses so you can understand how much money you'll need for school.
    -Be as detailed as possible and spend some time researching the costs of items.
    -The budget should be created using an Excel or Google Sheet.
  • 5. Summary: Write a summary (minimum half a page) about your experience and what you learned. Be sure to include what it was like teaching your family, and any comments you received if you shared it with a friend.

deadline: TUESDAY, JUNE 1ST, 2021

Four Winners

scholarship award amounts

$ 0
1st Prize
$ 0
2nd Prize
$ 0
3rd Prize
$ 0
4th Prize

Determining, Awarding, and Receiving



A committee will review all completed applications and determine the top three applications based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the presentation
  • How well you were able to learn and teach the financial principal (we will use the video of you presenting to your peers to determine this criteria)
  • Completeness of the college budget
  • Quality of the summary page


The recipients of the scholarships will be announced no later than June 30, 2021


There are two options for how funds will be distributed:

Option 1- The recipient will need to provide us with the information of the College/University/Trade School where they will be attending, and we will transfer funds to the school in your name.

Option 2- The recipient will need to provide us with confirmation of enrollment in an accredited college/university/trade school and then provide us with detailed receipts/invoices for qualified secondary educational expenses, then we will reimburse the student directly up to the award amount.

CONGRATS TO OUR 2020 scholarship winners!

1st Place: Laurel Bice (Gresham High School)

2nd Place: Annie Roberts (Barlow High School)

3rd Place: Vy Nugyen (Reynolds High School)

1st Place
Laurel Bice
Gresham High School
2nd Place
Annie Roberts
Sam Barlow High School
3rd Place
Vy Nguyen
Reynolds High School

The Harris Brothers

the story behind the scholarship

Two Brothers. One Goal.

To end financial illiteracy. 

The Harris brothers began investing when they were at the age of 16. Throughout both of their careers they’ve seen too many people make poor financial decisions either because they didn’t know any better, or they were given bad advice. They want to help real people and make a real positive impact one individual, one family and one generation at a time.

“I believe that with proper teaching and education, anyone can have the life they dream of.” -Brian Harris


ready to apply?

Questions about the application? Call or email Courtney at 503.663.8415,

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